Tuesday, 9 December 2008

64 bit can of worms

Autodesk very recently released Revit Architecture 2009 64-Bit, and us Revit programmers need to consider how this affects our plugins. 

64-bit platforms support 32-bit processes by using the WOW64 (Windows on Windows) subsystem, which means your code will have worked on 64-bit platforms when running Revit 32. But if your plugin is 32-bit it cannot be used by Revit 64, because 64-bit processes cannot call 32-bit modules into their processing space.

Now, for a lot of smaller/simpler plugins the solution will be quite simple. Change a few settings in your Visual Studio project, and recompile as a 64-bit process.

But for others it might not be quite so simple. If like me you're relying on components that can't be accessed in a 64-bit environment then you have some trouble ahead. Such a component, and a common one too, is the Microsoft Jet Engine database. If you're using this (you may know it as Access) with your Revit plugin then you're going to be incompatible with Revit 64 until you either build a complicated proxy-type process, or start using something else like SQL Server Compact.

I'll be looking into this a little more very soon. Watch this space.

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