Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Revit Add-In Manager

I should have mentioned in yesterday's blog entry the Add-In Manager for Revit. This neat little tool solves all your ini editing woes and makes it a doddle to add or remove Revit Add-Ins. The irony is that its an Add-In itself and should really be a part of the core software.

Its so handy that I wanted to point my customers to a download for it to help them install our app. The problem is, this 1.5MB tool only comes as part of the Revit SDK, which users either have to find on their original Revit disk or download all 55MB of it from the interweb. And when you've unzippedand installed the SDK you have to do a bit of digging to actually find the thing.

I asked Autodesk if I was allowed to distribute it myself, but unsurprisingly the response from Jeremy Tammik was technically "yes", but legally "no". Anyway, if you need it just ask me, and I'll "guide you to it" if you know what I mean.


  1. would love to get my hands on this to try some stuff out. any help on "where to get it"?


    grant at archmedia dot us

  2. Hi All
    Is it possible to get the room name and number of an object in a room from the API.
    For example I need to get Room 201 and all the furniture items in that room


    Tim Lear
    Boston USA


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