Thursday, 26 February 2009

Virtual Desktops

I had a pint with a friend last week who keeps extolling the virtues of the Macintosh. One of his big plus points was the multiple desktops offered by the Unix OS.

Multiple desktops are indeed great for the busy multi-tasking programmer, but using a Mac clearly isn't an option for us Revit lot. So I dabbled with a couple of  'virtual desktop' apps for my XP machine and have found VirtuaWin to be pretty cool.

Now I can separate comms, development, support etc. A lot neater!

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  1. Wmware Fusion, or Parallels, or Bootcamp on the MAc will allow you to run Revit, in fact, rumor has it that the preferred machine of one of Autodesks revit execs is indeed a Mac.


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