Thursday, 26 March 2009

Parameters in nested families

I was asked if I knew how to access parameters in a nested family using the API, and was sent some sample files. It turned out be more of a Revit user issue than a programmer issue, IMO.

I had to edit the nested family, open up the 'Family Category and Parameters' dialog, and check 'Shared' in the 'Family Parameters' window:

Then I had to reload it into the host family, and reload the host family into my project.

Then using this code, the parameters could be accessed:

Public Shared Function ExtractAll()

Dim elementIterator As Autodesk.Revit.ElementIterator
elementIterator = revitApp.ActiveDocument.Elements


While (elementIterator.MoveNext())
Dim currentElm As Autodesk.Revit.Element
currentElm = elementIterator.Current

WriteOutput("Id = " & currentElm.Id.Value)
WriteOutput("Name = " & currentElm.Name)
WriteOutput("Type = " & elementIterator.Current.GetType.Name)

'go get the parameters

End While

Return True

Catch ex As Exception
Return False
End Try

End Function

Public Shared Function ParameterCheckerNew(ByVal elem As Autodesk.Revit.Element)
Dim params As ParameterSetIterator = elem.Parameters.GetEnumerator

While params.MoveNext
Dim currentParam As Parameter
currentParam = params.Current

Select Case currentParam.StorageType

Case StorageType.Double

Case StorageType.Integer

Case StorageType.String

Case StorageType.ElementId

Case StorageType.None
' nothing
Case Else
' nothing
End Select

End While

End Function

Note above I'm simply looping through every element in the file. This is lazy coding, and you could create any kind of filter you want here to see only the elements you need.

Interestingly I couldn't seem to access it using a selection iterator, as only the host family is recognised as selected, not the nested family within. There's probably a way of drilling down into a selected family and seeing what's nested in it, but I'll take a look at that some other time.


  1. Ed,

    In 2009, if the element in your project was a family, you could access the "Components" or "Others" properties to get the list of elements that are nested inside the family.

    In 2010, you do the equivalent of "Edit Family" and get a new Revit document that you can extract all the elements out of.


  2. Hey Matt,

    I don't entirely understand. Could you please explain how to access this list of nested families in Revit 2009? Is it possible to extract it?



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