Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Fix your file associations

For ages I had a problem where I couldn't associate a .dwg file with anything other than AutoCAD 2006. I have 07, 08, 09 and 10 on my development machine, and every time I tried to use Windows Explorer's Tools > Folder Options > File Types to specifically point to one of these installations, it would always switch back to AutoCAD 2006. So, every time I double-clicked a dwg it would open in 06.

Enter Creative Element Power Tools. My colleague found this after having a similar problem with MicroStation XM and V8i. It's a neat box of tricks that's full of good ideas, one of them being the ability to easily re-associate your file types. Even better is the ability to easily add right-click options to a particular file type, enabling you to specify which version you want to open in. So now when I right-click on a dwg I can select any one of my Acad installations.

And there's way more than this. Take a look yourself as there's 'too many to list' :)

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