Monday, 8 June 2009

Debugging in 64 bit

Oh dear. Not long ago I took the plunge and bought a nice new laptop with 64-bit Vista, knowing that the world was slowly shifting towards the world of 64. I'm normally a late adopter of new technology, preferring to leave the hassle to others, and I'm now regretting breaking my own policy.

I have since discovered that a valuable piece of debugging functionality in Visual Studio does not work in 64-bit, and will not be fixed with the VS 2010 release either. I'm referring to "edit and continue" - the ability to alter your code while stepping through. This is invaluable when debugging.

And while we're on the subject, did you know you can't install Revit 32-bit on your 64-bit machine? Despite the fact that the ADN offers two download links for Revit (one for 32, one for 64) they are actually the same packages, and at 1.4GB that's a lot of wasted time and bandwidth in downloading. When you run setup.exe it detects your OS, and if you're running 64 bit then you only get offered 64 bit Revit. I tried to be clever and navigate directly to the 32 bit MSI, but those boffins at A'desk have locked them down - you can't run them directly.

Hey, MicroSoft - please please please give us 'edit and continue' in 64-bit!

Hey, Autodesk - please please please give us a way to install Revit 32 on a 64 bit machine!


  1. wow that really sucks. Looks like they'll have it fixed in the version after 2010 (so 2012) but thats a long way off!

  2. Ed,

    It was my impression that the Edit and Continue was broken by something Autodesk did - rather than Microsoft. I can't Edit and Continue in 32-bit Revit either!

    As for running 32-bit Revit on a 64-bit machine, I know that they let us do that last year with 2009 - but that's because 64-bit came out after the FCS release of Revit 2009. Now they're doing it like AutoCAD - if you've got a 64-bit OS you have to install 64-bit Revit.

    My only bright spot in this (as the developer of occasionally packaged software) - it has reduced the number of combinations of platforms that need to be tested (testing your app on 32-bit running on 64-bit was one of my least favorite combinations).

    In the end, though - I agree - it kinda stinks!

  3. Hi Matt,

    After looking into a bit more, your point about Autodesk having changed something for Revit 2010 also seems to be true. Going back to my 32-bit desktop machine it seems I can't Edit and Continue in Revit 2010 at all. Hmmm...this is not good...I think it's time for another blog post!

    Visual Studio 2012 will support Edit and Continue in 64 bit, allegedly.


  4. This is use full information
    thank you....

  5. Autodesk does not allow you to install the 32 bit version on a 64 bit machine simply because the software is not stable in that configuration. As mentioned, the installer automatically detects which OS is present and installs that version. If you need to have the 32 bit for some reason on the same machine, then I believe that you could use VMWare to have a virtual machine setup as 32 bit.
    Dave Pothier - Revit MEP PM


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