Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Doors in curtain walls: 2009 vs 2010

In Revit 2009 if you place a door in a curtain wall it gets categorized as a Curtain Panel, and to select the door you need to highlight and right-click the wall, choose 'Select Panels on Host', and then click the door. Rolling over the door reveals its classification (you can click the image to zoom in):

In Revit 2010 however things have changed. A door in a curtain wall is understandably categorized as a Door. And this image shows the same file as previous that was created in 2009 but opened in (and converted to) 2010:


  1. this was helpful thx :-)

  2. I found a great video on youtube explaining curtain walls, if anyone is interested...

  3. Ed,
    Are you talking about Curtain Panels 'called' doors? The only way I know of getting a real (revit) door into a curtain wall is to replace the panel with a standard wall (not curtain) and place a door there. Have I been missing something all these years? :-)

  4. Hi J, a bit confusing this isn't it...yes I'm talking about curtain panels called doors, found in your library under 'Curtain Wall Panels'.

    I made another post about it later, as I later learnt about 'dual categorization':


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