Monday, 3 August 2009

Creating a new app pool in IIS

This is one of those things I do so infrequently that I keep having to re-learn it every time. This is made more difficult by the fact that I find the IIS interface so completely unintuitive; I always end up going round the houses and then pronouncing "ah, that's it!" when I finally remember what I did last time.

The thing I always struggle with is the fact that the 'Application Pools' branch seen in the image below doesn't really do what I expect it to do.

I start by right-clicking on the Application Pools folder and choosing to create a new App Pool. then I call it whatever I want, and then it appears in the list of Application Pools. now what?

Well, the Eureka moment comes later in the 'Web Sites' folder. Select your web site, or a directory within it, right-click on properties, and select the 'Home Directory' tab. You'll see this:

At the bottom is an 'Application Settings' interface - it is here that you setup your web-site (or part of it) as an application (call it whatever you want), and it is in the last drop-down called 'Application pool' that you will the App Pool that you created earlier. Hey Presto.

For some final tweaks you'll want to set the Execute permissions to something more than 'None', and you'll want to go into the ASP.NET tab in the Properties window to set the version. Sorted.

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