Monday, 17 August 2009

Dell chat support - what a pleasure

My DVD drive disappeared from my Inspiron laptop today, just when I needed it. I tried restarting, uninstalling and re-installing the drivers from Dell etc., but my machine just wouldn't recognise it, with errors in the Device Manaager telling me that the drivers weren't installed properly.

This is when I was relieved I had bought a Dell, because within a few clicks I was chatting online to a Dell support specialist called Sarafaraz (in the Americas - not sure where, it could have been Bolivia for all I know) who logged into my machine using GoToAssist.

I sat back and watched the action - they tried exactly what I had done, and it didn't work. Then after a few registry edits and a remote restart it was all working again. Apparently a documented issue caused by multiple disc-burning software. Very odd, but Sarafaraz sent me a link with instructions to do the same fix if it happens again.

All in all a great experience; I didn't have to queue to wait for attention, and I could get on with some work on my other machine in between our exchanges. Brilliant!

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