Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Looking for freelance .net web developers?

Due to the wonders of SEO I get quite a few emails from employers and agencies looking for freelance .net developers. If you're looking for .net developers, developers, .net web developers, you should try these:
  • ask me if I'm available :)
  • ask me if I know anyone available.
  • advertise on Monster for £99 . This really is very cheap, and will elicit lots of responses. You just need the time to sort through all the cv's you receive. Be sure to state 'no agencies' and stipulate that you need a valid work permit, otherwise you'll get a whole heap of hopefuls who don't yet have the right to work in your country.
  • if you're in Bristol, check out the Bristol Media Talent Retention Scheme . If you're not in Bristol, then look for similar industry-community groups in your area.

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