Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Profiling, measuring and analysing your Entity Framework code

I love the Entity Framework. Most recently I've been using the model-first approach which allows me to not think too much about databases at all. And despite a few problems with the Migration SQL produced (or rather sometimes not produced) by the Database Generation Power Pack, and some sceptical colleagues, I'm firmly pro-EF.

I'll happily admit that I've yet to use it for a high-demand or high-traffic application, meaning I haven't had to spend too much time considering performance, but running the Entity Framework Profiler from Hibernating Rhinos has proved to be enlightening, revealing some non-optimal queries in my recent projects and gently advising how I might make them better!

It's a doddle to install and use and I have little doubt that it'll come in very handy for some of my imminent projects; I'll be encouraging the people I work with to invest in a license when my trial has ended.

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