Sunday, 29 May 2011

Rubymine Ruby on Rails IDE makes me feel more at home

Working without an IDE makes me shudder at the memory of my days coding PHP in BBEdit, and then classic ASP using some other win-based text editor whose name escapes me. Since moving into C#.NET I've led a privileged life of code completion, syntax checking, snippets, and a multitude of other killer-functionality that makes me highly productive and feel warm and fuzzy inside.

So it's of some surprise to me that a good proportion of the Ruby on Rails community appear to favour text editors (such as TextMate) and command-line activity to an IDE. It may be due to old-skool stubbornness, like one of my colleagues whose core job is javascript development, yet he uses a simple text editor without even any syntax colouring...yikes. It could be lack of choice, but when I recently installed Rubymine I breathed a deep sigh of relief, and could see that me and RoR could get on well together.

On first appearances, and having read reviews, it seems to do everything I'd want of an IDE and the productivity gains it will provide are well worth the small license fee. I have little doubt I'll be buying it after my 30 day trial.

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