Wednesday, 22 February 2012 portal - the poster child for Agile Railers and Responsive Designers

The new portal is still in Beta, but already we can see that the Government Digital Service really are doing things differently to what we might have come to expect of government IT projects. An in-house team with good leadership have been given the freedom to use a leading-edge approach to design and build. They are Agile, they use Ruby on Rails, they are on GitHub, and their interface uses responsive design.

Rapidly disappearing are the days when big organisations demand MicroSoft. That Marketing Director with the six-figure budget no longer needs to fear open source technology - if the Government uses it, it must be ok!

Digital agencies that use open source technologies will start to get pitches for the bigger projects they may have been previously excluded from, and will no doubt become the poster-child of open-sourcers, agilers, railers and responsive designers in the UK and possibly worldwide. Rightfully so. Big-up the GDS!

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