Tuesday, 11 September 2012

dmg image data corrupted - dowloading from Virgin Media Broadband

You've probably landed here because you're a Virgin Media Broadband customer and every time you download a disk image file (.dmg) or indeed any large file it appears to be a successful download until you try to open it. Attempting to mount or verify the image returns "image data corrupted" and the file is useless.

I've had this problem for months on my Macbook Pro, OSX Lion. Downloading from another ISP is never a problem - and today I had to download my new Ruby on Rails IDE Rubymine 4.5.4 (106MB) over 3G with Orange because Virgin Media wasn't playing ball again.

I spoke to Virgin about this problem tonight, and despite seemingly dozens of customers suffering the same problem they don't have a solution. So...it looks like I'll switching my broadband supplier soon.

Update: They sent me to their forum, where I was told to leave a comment on the wrong thread. I eventually found a more suitable thread where I left a comment. This got picked up and they sent out some new kit - a Superhub. Problem solved!

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