Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sniff iPhone HTTP traffic with mitmproxy

I always forget how to use mitmproxy, so here's a reminder for myself:
Download and install mitmproxy, if you haven't done so already.
Go to a terminal and run mitmproxy.
Get the network IP address of your mac by running ifconfig en1.
Set the proxy on your iPhone by going to wifi settings. Set HTTP Proxy to “Manual”, and enter the IP of your Mac and port 8080.
Start browsing on the iPhone, or run an app. Press ‘?’ to bring up the list of commands.

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  1. Here's a couple of extras to remember. When in mitmproxy :-

    F makes the display follow the latest requests
    C clears the display
    i asks for your interception pattern, . means "everything"
    a allows an intercepted flow to go ahead, A allows all of them to go.



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