Saturday, 1 June 2013

Publicación Companias Marcas Internacionales - Misleading invoices from Spain

I recently applied for a Community trade mark from the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market   (OHIM) in Spain, in relation to an iPhone app I'm working on.

Soon after this I received an invoice from Spain for a similar amount (€1050), from Publicación Companias Marcas Internacionales, and it mentioned OHIM clearly in the first paragraph, although it became apparent after re-reading it that they have absolutely nothing to do with OHIM.

If you get one of these you should ignore it (in my opinion) - it's basically a con (in my opinion), clearly designed (in my opinion) to confuse the recipient into paying what they think is their OHIM invoice. If what they're doing is legal, it shouldn't be (in my opinion).


  1. Be careful, this is clearly a phishing letter! Thank you for your post. I found it from Google when I get skeptic about the same letter.

  2. I have received the same letter from Cp Publiation, and I have writte to its mail

    Dear Sirs,

    If you wire to me the same amount (1050 Euros) as I can pay myself my trade mark registration on the OHIM, I give to you the opportunity to increase your Company, publishing on your database my attractive brand.

    Waiting to hear from you.

    Best Regards.

    It would be funny to see if I receive an answer....

  3. Did you get an answer??

  4. assholes who want to earn easy money !


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