Friday, 12 July 2013

SPF records on Fasthosts with Mandrill

I'm using Mandrill for sending mail from my Heroku-based rails app, and my domain and dns is hosted with Fasthosts. To ensure deliverability and high reputation Mandrill recommend you add DKIM and SPF records to your domain, and they provide instructions on how to do this.

Unfortunately I had trouble getting this right with Fasthosts, until I found this in a Mandrill troubleshooting guide:

If your domain has an SPF type record, it's best to add a matching TXT record for wider compatibility.

This solved my problems. Here's how it looks in my Fasthosts control panel:


  1. Slightly unrelated, but how on earth did you get fasthosts DNS settings to play ball with a Heroku app?

    I'm having trouble getting the naked domain to point to heroku as well as the www. Adding a cname record for the naked domain pointed to heroku messes up the email and stops them being delivered/replied too by some hosts.

  2. I've got cname entries with '*' in the hostname field and ' ' (empty) in the hostname field. They both point to my Heroku app. I haven't experienced any email problems at all.

    I have an mx record for ''.

    That's about it really. Just seems to work.


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