Monday, 12 August 2013

Use Tokn app to stay safe while you work, play, or travel alone

I'm pleased to announce a long-term project has finally gone live. The concept was pitched to me by my very good friend @RichieJones in early 2012 and I liked it immediately - it had legs.

After many hours of hard work and hundreds of iterations, and even doing design and artwork, I think we've got something that's pretty damn good for a first release.

Tokn is to be used by surfers, hikers, snow-boarders, skiers, mountain bikers, horse riders, cyclists, nurses, health visitors, social workers, real estate agents, teachers, mental health workers, lone workers, teenagers, anyone walking home alone late at night, and many other people. Anyone who is doing something risky or is vulnerable can make use of Tokn.

Simply enable Tokn just like you'd check in on Facebook or FourSquare. Leave a note with us and go and do whatever it is you're doing - and if you don't get back to us when you said you would, we'll send a text message to your nominated buddy that you might need assistance. We'll pass on your note, and show them your location.

A technical tag list of the project would look something like this: XCode, Cocoa, Ruby on Rails, Rubymine, JSON, Heroku, Github, Facebook Graph API. Some of this posed a steep learning curve but it's been a great experience.

Here's hoping that Tokn serves thousands of users well and has the opportunity to grow with its user-base and offer more and more great functionality.