Wednesday, 26 February 2014

SkyDrive needs to be updated AppStoreRequiredUpdateAva'ilableMessage

So, it looks like Microsoft have lazily given us a painful upgrade path now that they've been forced to rename SkyDrive. This morning I logged into my Mac and got this bizarre message:

At first I thought this may be some kind of virus duping me into handing over my SkyDrive detail, and there's no mention of this update in the app store, presumably because the SkyDrive app no longer exists, and it's not an update at all, more a replacement.

They've switched off SkyDrive and done a runner; The 'Get the Update' button takes you to the appstore where you can download OneDrive, and sure enough you have to reconfigure your SkyDrive settings (folder, preferences) all over again, just like you were a new user. As I type, my new OneDrive installation is slowly synching with the server. It was all bang up-to-date yesterday at 5pm but it looks like it's going through every single file to work out what yesterday it already knew.

And no doubt I'll have to go through the same ball-ache on my other devices too. Grrr.

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