Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Implementing the Adobe DMP mobile SDKs on iOS and Android

If you're unfortunate enough to be tasked with this be prepared for it to take ten times longer than it should. You'll receive documentation that is woefully unclear, from different sources, and contradictory. When you need help you'll either not get it or wait ages for it. This has been nearly-the-worst DX I've had implementing a vendor's code, hot on the heels of ExactTarget.

But here's a tip, which I only found by rummaging through the code. Instead of silently failing, if you do this:

    [ADBMobile setDebugLogging:YES];

Then a whole new world of information will be available to you, and if you're lucky ADBMobile will actually tell you what's wrong.  This debug setting was not mentioned in any of the setup documentation I was given (there is no troubleshooting section), and neither when I sought support several times from Adobe.

Had I been told about this from the start it would have saved several people a whole lot of time.

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